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Apr 12

Mar 29
“Whit Stillman’s first film in over a decade, “Violet Wister’s Damsels In Distress,” will be released worldwide by Sony Pictures Classics. Starring Greta Gerwig and Adam Brody, the film is a comedy that follows a trio of beautiful girls (led by Gerwig’s character) who set out to revolutionize life at a grungy East Coast university. The film was privately financed and entirely filmed in New York State. Expected to come out at some point in 2011 (though that is not confirmed as of yet), it will be Stillman’s first release since 1998’s “The Last Days of Disco.”” Sony Classics Will Release Whit Stillman’s Latest - indieWIRE

Mar 21
“Stern told the room he knows where “the bodies are buried” in the NBA, witnesses recounted, because he had buried some of them himself. “It was shocking,” Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose(notes) told Yahoo! Sports. “I was taking off my gear, and when he said that, I just stopped and thought, ‘Whoa …’ “I couldn’t believe that he said it.” NBA players’ union leader takes bold stand - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Mar 19
“One reason Anglophone rockers dig Zé is that he resists the Portuguese-style nostalgia epitomized by saudade. But though he never comes near morbidity, here he’s definitely an old man looking back fondly and a little sadly at the lost grace and sometimes companionship of his twenties, when it’s just possible he didn’t appreciate everything he had‑-particularly the melodicism of a quiet pop insurgency he was resistant enough to realize was also an assertion of cosmopolitan privilege. So he compensates with the most unabashedly beautiful album in his tuneful book‑-undercut, true enough, by his 74-year-old mumbles and croaks and even groans, but also lifted toward Sugarloaf Mountain by 11 different young or younger women whose mothers and grandmothers he might well have jerked off to in the Brigitte Bardot era. Nor is he about to lose his sense of humor. Because those groans are actually pretty funny, therefore also are they uncommonly beautiful. A”

Expert Witness

Christgau offers a spot-on assessment of the Tropicalia era.

Mar 15

Mar 10

Mar 4

“What you actually find when you arrive at L’Ami Louis is singularly unprepossessing. It’s a long, dark corridor with luggage racks stretching the length of the room. It gives you the feeling of being in a second-class railway carriage in the Balkans. It’s painted a shiny, distressed dung brown. The cramped tables are set with labially pink cloths, which give it a colonic appeal and the awkward sense that you might be a suppository. In the middle of the room is a stubby stove that also looks vaguely proctological.” Tour De Gall | Culture | Vanity Fair

Mar 3
“If a patient who has just gotten an abortion wants an IUD — the most effective form of birth control, little chance for user error, good for five or 10 years depending on which kind you get — they have to come back for it, not because there’s any clinical reason to wait, but because Medicaid doesn’t cover two procedures in one day. Most of the time the way this ends up breaking down is they come back for their follow-up appointment, then again for a pap smear/pelvic exam to “clear” them for the IUD, then one more time for the insertion. All to make sure it gets covered. And also please don’t get pregnant at any point in that month-long process where you don’t have your preferred method of contraception because then the process repeats. Man, are they ever stupid not to pay for it themselves with the five hundred dollars they allotted that year specifically for that purpose! I wonder what else they’re dumb at.” Ask an Abortion Provider | The Hairpin

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